Married At First Sight: Jamie And Doug Struggles, Cortney And Jason Spice It Up, Alex And Zoe Starts On A New Journey, More Details

Married at First Sight has met with a sad fate. While the show was successful in the first season, things spiraled downhill in the second season where all the couples called it quits even before the season could end. This brought in a lot of criticism, where the network is in second thoughts about bringing Married at First Sight for the third season.

Instead of bringing back the third season of Married at First Sight, the network brought back the couples from the first season of Married at First Sight in a show where they will explore the struggles of keeping the relationship going and will show the couples working on their relationship over the course of the first year of marriage.

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner seem to be struggling in their marriage. The two have had a solid start, but things look rough now. Jamie even states that if you love someone then you have to work hard to keep the marriage going and it’s not an easy job.

It looks like Jamie is struggling with her marriage with Doug and she is doing all she can make it work. Doug Hehner also seems to have his own share of problems with the marriage. While Jamie feels that she alone is the one who is putting in all her efforts, Doug is of the opinion that Jamie doesn’t seem to care for the marriage and about keeping it going.

Fans are sill speculating what’s in store for these two. They don’t seem to be connecting or communicating and there is a point in the series when Doug actually shouts out that Jamie and he are done.

This would be Jamie and Doug’s second season in Married at First Sight: The First Year. They were there in the first year as well and have returned for the second season in spite of warnings that reality television isn’t good for working out a relationship. There is more twist to the drama, since Jamie has revealed that she is startingto feel for her ex and this isn’t working out well for her marriage with Doug.

Jamie spoke to Daily Mail and said that she discovered that she harbors feelings for her ex, when she and Doug stopped having fun in their relationship after having being married for a while. She confessed about thinking of the time she had with her ex and she feels that she never shared that kind of a relationship or chemistry with her husband and she has been yearning for that.

Jamie and Doug are very active on social media where they keep sharing photos of the two sharing moments in their lives and the pictures don’t hold a mirror to the struggles in their marriage. Jamie has agreed that having such a huge fan base in the social media does add a bit of a pressure on them.

There are reports that the two of them are planning to have a baby, but they want to sort out their mutual differences before they start on with that part of their married life. Both of them want kids and they know that they will be great parents, however, Doug has revealed that while he is willing to have kids, Jamie doesn’t seem quite ready yet.

The other couple who are a part of Married at First Sight: The First Year is Jason Carrion and Cortney Hendrix. They are the youngest couple in the show and had some great chemistry in the initial days of their marriage. The couple is still going strong and even in their second year, Cortney claims that they are getting stronger with every passing day.

The two of them have been taking pole dance classes to jazz up their relationship, while at the same time doing normal things like grocery shopping. The couple are very active on Instagram and seem to be living a fantasy life together.