Married at First Sight: Heated Confrontations, Flirtations, Divorce, The Ideal Couple, Finding Love And Secret

After consummating their marriage, Lillian let fear get the better of her and she had a breakdown, but Tom soothingly calmed her down. As a result, Lillian warmed up to Tom and Lillian feels very optimistic about their marriage. She has high hopes, although a misunderstanding ensued between them after the love-making. Lillian also likes the fact that both of them are adventurous.

In an attempt to tell her about his bus, Tom told Lillian that some people like to reward themselves with materialistic things like cars. Lillian misinterpreted this as Tom calling her a materialist because he had seen a photo of her in her car.

Lillian started crying and Tom was forced to leave the room, albeit he later cleared the misunderstanding and unveiled his secret, to which Lillian had no objections. Lillian is looking forward to and is also anxious about their life together in Miami.

So it appears that all the three couples need lessons in conflict resolution. While one of the couples is facing the heat and marital bliss has completely evaded them, the other two are going strong. Certainly, Married at First Sight does not follow the proverb love at first sight.

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