Sequel To The Mechanic Set To Release On August 26, Jason Statham Fans Hopeful And Looking Up To Him With Expectations

If action along with thriller is something that intrigues you, then the upcoming sequel to the 2011 movie The Mechanic is sure to take your breath away. The film is scheduled to be released very shortly on August 26, 2016.

The Dennis Gansel’s sequel stars Jason Statham, Tommy Lee Jones, Jessica Alba and Michelle Yeoh in the lead cast, and has a running time of around 99 minutes.

Cast members Jason Statham, Jessica Alba and Sam Hazeldine were accompanied by celebrities like Randy Couture, Chris D’Ella, and Rosie on the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of the movie at Hollywood’s Archigut Cinema on Monday night, while the director of the movie answered a few questions during the interview.

Dennis Gansel threw light on how he saw the making of the sequel of the movie The Mechanic as a multi-million dollar franchise, and that he intends on expanding the series with more sequels in the upcoming future.

Gansel said to the interviewer that he has always seen the protagonist, Arthur Bishop as a sort of a dirty James Bond and saw that as a perfect opportunity to make the franchise bigger and better. Not only that, he even chose exotic locations like Rio and Thailand for the shooting.

The director broke the myth about Hollywood only running after money, claiming that that saying is not true. Rather, the producers in Hollywood are more focused on the story, and also tend to focus on the character development while making the stories bigger and better.

Jason Statham, who portrayed the role of Arthur Bishop in the previous remake of the film, returned in the sequel with ease and dripping excitement about the fight sequence in the movie.

In an interview, Statham said that quite a lot of fight scenes were very remarkable and that the buildings in which they shot the scenes were architectural. They did a lot of amazing stunts under water with scuba gear.

But questions have risen as to why director Dennis Gansel took a risk to directing a sequel to a movie that didn’t do business at the box office after its release. The remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson movie was not a really good one back when it was released.

Many reviewers have taken to question why the director and producers would take a risk in opting to make a sequel of the movie that grossed around $62 million worldwide.

When asked about this in a recent interview, the senior media analyst for ComScore Paul Dergarabedian said that when people will drill deeper into the numbers and even tally the additional revenues, Jason Statham’s popularity is something that doesn’t need to be questioned.

And people have had their hopes set on the protagonist of the movie, Jason Statham. The movie may not be doing the best at the box office as the speculations have claimed because of the late August release, but everyone is still relying on Statham to pull it through.

The sequel, which is set to leave the audience on the edge of their seats, is something the lead actor Jason Statham is very proud of. He said that fans of action movies are set to get their money’s worth out of this.

While everyone is in a nail-biting anticipation for the release of the movie, Jessica Alba took everyone’s breath away on the red carpet of the movie in Los Angeles.