Manny Pacquiao: Next Fight Likely to be The Last One of His Career!

His last bout against Andre Berto which was held on September 12 was made official by Pacquiao just before a month of the fight. With more than 4 months remaining for the April 2 event at the MGM, it could be assumed that Pacquiao will make up his mind and finally make an announcement regarding his opponent within this time.

Crawford recently stated that he wanted the Pacquiao fight as that fight would provide him with the required momentum and propel him towards becoming a superstar.

Amir Khan looks to be the least likely opponent for Pacquiao at the moment for the April event. However, trainer Freddie Roach believes that the level of competition that Khan would be able to provide to Pacquiao, no one else in the shortlist has the capability to do so.

He stated that it is Amir Khan’s speed that will make him Pacquiao’s toughest competitor. Amir Khan has been the sparring partner of Pacquiao in the past and thus he knows his strengths and weaknesses which could be advantageous for Khan in case they meet in a fight in future.

Roach further pointed out that Crawford has not yet gained the required amount of experience to go up against a veteran fighter like Pacquiao.

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