Makenzie Vega from The Good Wife to Star in Fender Bender, Archie Panjabi Joins the Power Monkeys, And More

However, this character clashes with Brett and Bea. They both worship the Republican Presidential Candidate and consider him their hero. Meanwhile, Alec Utgoff and Ben Willbond are apparatchiks at the Kremlin. They are pushing for a favor from Vladimir Putin himself. Most of the content in the show will be filmed during the day of transmission.

It will be done so that the show remains connected to the real-life political events. Power Monkeys will begin from 8th June at 10pm on Channel 4. After the EU referendum, a special episode has been scheduled to release on 24th June.

In other news, some questions have been raised for the upcoming Good Wife spin-off. Will Diane still be married? While the series was in its final stages, the drama around Kurt and Diana as a happy couple built up to quite an extent. This was a way to set them up for the big fall ahead. Diane was completely in love with her husband.

When Kurt was last seen, Lucca was asking whether he was involved in an affair with Holly Westfall. At the same team, the spin-off will need to explain Alicia’s absence.

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