Maddie Ziegler Set to Make Her Debut On the Big Screen with Colin Trevorrow’s “The Book of Henry”, Features On the Cover Page of Paper Magazine!

Even after quitting Dance Moms, she was seen recently spotted in the dance studio of Abby Lee Miller who is the coach of the reality show. Her studio is in Pittsburg. Her sister Mackenzie Ziegler was also present in the studio.

Choreographer Brian Friedman gave both them a master class on dancing. Janeen Damian and Michael Damian, the “High Strung” filmamaker duo was also present and they were auditioning young dancers who will be used in some of their future projects. Ziegler was seen helping out both of them with the auditioning process.

Ziegler was the on the cover page of the April issue of Paper Magazine. In an interview with the magazine she revealed that she loved to try out new things and experiment when it came to the matter of makeup. However, she also makes sure that she looks her age and not older than she actually is.

The magazine features several shots of the reality star in variety of make ups. In one photo she was seen wearing a glittered cherry headband on her head along with a white tuxedo. In another snap she was seen with two black stars drawn right below her eyes.

Readers can check out multiple snaps of Maddie Ziegler from the photoshoot here.

Stay tuned for more update on Maddie Ziegler.