Maddie Ziegler Set to Make Her Debut On the Big Screen with Colin Trevorrow’s “The Book of Henry”, Features On the Cover Page of Paper Magazine!

Maddie Ziegler is an American child dancer, actress and model who was born on 30th September, 2002. She has been a part of Lifetime’s reality show Dance Moms for a number of seasons.

It was recently announced that she won’t be part of the reality show anymore. While this came as a disappointment to many fans, they will be pleased to know that Ziegler will be involved in a brand new TV show and will also be making an appearance in a movie within the ongoing year.

She was seen taking some lessons in acting and the movie in which she is going to make an appearance has been titled- “The Book of Henry.” It will be directed by none other than Colin Trevorrow who is well known for directing the film- Jurassic World. The script of the movie has been penned down by Gregg Hurwitz.

Trevorrow himself had in the past made the announcement regarding casting Ziegler in the lead role for the upcoming movie. Dram will be the genre of the movie. The character that Ziegler will portray in the film is that of a girl whose name is Christina Sickleman.

The character will reportedly be exceptional in dancing. However, she has an abusive father and has to face his rough side on a daily basis. The film will also star renowned actress Naomi Watts alongside Jacob Tremblay and Jaeden Lieberher.

Naomi Watts will play the role of Susan Carpenter who is a single mother and both Jacob and Jaeden will be her sons. The characters that Jaeden and Jacob will play are- Henry and Peter respectively.

Ziegler’s Christina Sickleman will be the daughter of Glenn Sickleman, played by Dean Norris. Glenn Sickleman is a Police Commissioner who is abusive in nature and poor Christina often has to face her father’s wrath.

However, Jaeden Leiberher’s Henry has a crush on Christina and for that reason he will try to save her from her abusive father at any cost. He chalks down various plans in which he is going to protect Christina in a book. Susan Carpenter comes across this book by chance and she comes to know all about her son’s feelings for Christiana and also his plans to save her.

In an interview Maddie Ziegler gushed about her new found love for acting. She stated that she wants the whole world to know that there is more to her than just dancing and thus she has decided to act in a movie.

She also revealed that acting in The Book of Henry dawned this realization into her that this is the thing that she wants to do with her life. She stated- “I’ll still keep my dancing up because I love it, but this year acting is going to be my focus.”

Reports suggest that she will rake in something around $20,000 for her role in The Book of Henry.

Since she is all set to make her debut on the big screen, fans might think that she will not appear on TV anymore. They need not worry as she will be appearing on TV as one of the judges of this year’s installment of the popular dancing reality show- So You Think You Can Dance.

This season the contestants of the show will be aged between 8 to 13 years. It will be the first instance in which the show will feature such young contestants. The other two judges of the show will be Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo. Needless to say, the youngest judge of the show will be Maddie herself. Quite a feat for such a young girl!