Maddie Ziegler Confirms Leaving Dance Moms, Set to Become a Judge, Talks About Moving to Better Things!

Maddie Ziegler spoke to People Magazine about her departure from Dance Moms. Zeigler said that she will miss being with the girls and would miss the fun times they would have after practice, but she said that she is excited about moving on since there are better things to focus on. She added that she is very excited to become a judge in a dance competition and is looking forward to it since she kids are very talented these days.

She has been dancing professionally from a very young age and is looking forward to helping the other kids train. The 13-year-old spoke about the first time that a fan had recognized her.

She was about eight years then and had been buying ice cream when a fan walked up to her and asked if she as Maddie Ziegler from Dance Moms. She was surprised that someone would notice her and thought it was both weird and cool and wondered if this would become a regular occurrence.

Maddie Ziegler attended the Kid’s Choice Award with her friends from Dance Moms and ALDC. She was spotted in a cute little colored dress and was seen posing for photos with JoJo Siwa, Kalani Hilliker and Nia Frazer.

A leaked video showed the final episode where Maddie Ziegler and her family leave the show. The family could be seen thanking everyone for their support and love and they state that leaving the show is going to be hard.

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