Macaulay Culkin Remembers His ‘Home-Alone’ Mother Catherine O’Hara, Brett Davis Hosts Macaulay Culkin!

The video was made to promote Macaulay Culkin’s band, Pizza Underground, a rock-style comedy band that started touring in Brooklyn, during 2014. Sadly, after a few months, Macaulay Culkin stormed off the stage when fans started booing and throwing beer cans, during a solo. After this, the band canceled the rest of their touring plans and claimed it had nothing to do with this incident.

In other news, besides his cable access show, Brett Davis also co-hosts The Macaulay Culkin Show at Shea Stadium. The April edition (4/26) will feature Seaton Smith, Unisex, Jason Saenz, Max Wittert, Edy Modica, Brian Fiddyment and Phoebe Robinson.  When Chris Gethard gave up cable access for cable television, it was Brett Davis who started handling his Manhattan Neighborhood Network Show. You might recognize him as Davis from New Brunswick basement punk shows, or the many NYC Comedy shows that he keeps appearing at.

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