Luke Hemmings Spotted Without Lip Ring, Stands Up for Arzaylea, 5SoS Songs Being Covered by Other Artists, Will Start Their Europe Tour!

Luke Hemmings has continued to stand by Arzaylea and drops in to meet her whenever he has an off. Luke Hemmings has showed the fans that he is going to stick with Arzaylea, no matter what they say and what rumors they start. While some of the fans have started accepting Arzaylea, there are many, who are still not in favor of her relationship with Luke Hemmings.

Luke Hemmings has always been silent about the issue surrounding Arzaylea, but things were going beyond control. The fans have gone to the extent of calling Arzaylea a liar, claiming that she has been hanging out with Luke Hemmings and the boys from 5SOS for the fame.

Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings might have made a deal to not upload photos together until the end of the world tour. The fans would attack her more when she would share photos with Luke Hemmings and hence she has kept to posting only selfies on her social media accounts.

5SOS has been doing very well. Their tracks are now being covered by other bands like Madden Brothers. Billboard had reported that Meghan Trainor has covered 5 Seconds of Summer’s Don’t Stop. The Madden Brothers have gone ahead to perform Amnesia, which they had written for the Australian boy band.

Luke Hemmings and the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer had got their big break when they accompanied One Direction on world tour and now they are touring the world on their own, having a huge fandom that follows their every move.

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