Luke Hemmings Spotted Without Lip Ring, Stands Up for Arzaylea, 5SoS Songs Being Covered by Other Artists, Will Start Their Europe Tour!

The 5 Seconds of Summer fandom has erupted once again. This time it is because Luke Hemmings was spotted without his lip ring. The front-man of 5 Seconds of Summer had got his lips pierced back in 2013 and the lip ring had become an integral part of his image. Luke Hemmings recently uploaded a photo with a mascot of Bart Simpson and the fans realized that he didn’t have his lip ring on.

The instant the fans realized that he didn’t have his trademark lip ring on, they started commenting on the photo, asking Luke Hemmings to wear it back on. The Australian band is going to start with the European leg of their Sounds Live Feels Live tour and the fans are hopeful that Luke Hemmings will take to the stage with his lip ring on.

It is a wonder how the 5 Seconds of Summer fandom didn’t blame Arzaylea for the missing lip ring, yet. The fans have developed a habit where they blamed Arzaylea for everything that Luke Hemmings did, which they didn’t like. The poor girl, had been the target of the fans on the social media for a long time now and they refuse to back down and let her be.

Master Herald has reported that Luke Hemmings has been seen without his lip ring on many occasions and it doesn’t mean that he has given up on wearing it. He has occasionally opened his piercing and kept, as is common in everyone who has piercing. Fans can be rest assured that Luke Hemmings hasn’t ditched his piercing and he will be back to wearing it soon enough.

Luke Hemmings had been taking the time off before the European leg of the tour, to spend some time with girlfriend, Arzaylea. The singer had been dating her since last year and fans have still not accepted his girlfriend.

The fans of Luke Hemmings had been irked with the fact that Arzaylea had tagged along to be with him during their Japan tour. Luke Hemmings had also ended up getting a little late for a rehearsal and the fan army even came out to blame it on Arzaylea.

The fans of Luke Hemmings have been bombarding the social media with anti-Arzaylea comments. Some have even gone to the extent of digging up her past and making nasty comments on it.

There was a fan who came out to state that she had met Arzaylea at a pub and the latter wasn’t alone. She was busy flirting with a guy and when asked why she was flirting, when she is already with Luke Hemmings, Arzaylea supposedly said that she was pretending to be Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend for the money. This incident has been completely ignored by Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea.

Arzaylea had also received a lot of flak from the fans for uploading photos with Luke Hemmings. The fans have gone to the extent of stating that Luke Hemmings could do better than her.

The hating has been on for some time now and it looks like Luke Hemmings has finally had enough. The singer recently ticked off a particular fan who had been trashing Arzaylea online and asked her to stop being so rude.