Luke Hemmings: New Single Enjoy Top Slots, Successful Tour And Advice To 1D Tomlinson, More Information

5 Seconds of Summer is riding high on the success of their new single She’s Kinda Hot. The song is currently at #22 on the US Hottest 100 Songs. The main reason for this is the Australian boy-band is currently touring United States and Canada and the fans there can’t seem to have enough of them.

Luke Hemmings and the other boys from 5 Seconds of Summer are out on their world tour Rock Out With Your Socks Out and they are having a lot of fun. Luke Hemmings took to Twitter to tell their fans that the band is having a lot of fun performing for them.

Michael Clifford also tweeted that Edmonton has been a great host and that they had a wonderful time performing there. Surprisingly Ashton Irwin has been very quiet on the social media and fans have been asking him if everything is fine and finally Irwin resurfaced to inform the fans and he had been away from the social media because he was busy touring the backyards of Canada.

Irwin also took to the social media to thank the amazing fans that 5 Seconds of Summer has and gave them the great news that their new single for their upcoming album has been listened to over 2 million times.

She’s Kinda Hot released on the 17th of July and within a few days it rose to #6 on UK charts. Unreality TV reported that this rise was completely thanks to the fans because there was no publicity or promotion to capture the attention of the world.

Headline has informed that the song has over 1 million paid downloads within a matter of seven days since it was released. This is not all; the song landed in the top 3 position in the sales category and even made it to the top 50 songs in the US chart. The website reported that the future for Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin. Michael Clifford and Calum Hood is very bright.

5 Seconds of Summer has seen an unprecedented amount of success in a matter of a few months and the boys are dreaming big! They want to become the most successful band in the world and with the kind of popularity that Luke Hemmings and the other boys share, there is no doubt that its soon going to happen.

Ashton Irwin recently told that the boys need to be on the right track to fulfill their dreams of becoming the best band in the world. They have a great army of fans who have always been supportive of them, but they need to make the right music and say the right things to keep the fans happy.

5Seconds of Summer recently performed at Rexall Place in Edmonton and the fans still can’t seem to get over the performance they witness. The best thing about 5 Seconds of Summer is that the boys haven’t let the stardom get to them, they still interact with fans and aren’t elusive like the other celebrities.

At the Rexall Place performance, Luke Hemmings asked a fan to come on stage and when the audience thought that there will be a duet following it, he simply handed over his guitar to her and asked her to play it, something that she has never done before. When the astounded girl looked on, Luke Hemmings encouraged her to go for it.