Luke Hemmings Angry With BoyBand Tag, In No Mood To Break The No Girlfriend Pack, And More News

Luke does not want to have a girlfriend but that does not mean that he will not be hanging with female friends. Recently Calum Hood and Luke Hemming were seen hanging around with some hot fans of theirs at Australian Brewery Coolroom.

Day Herald reports that the boys went out and partied hard to the delight of the fans. This was not all; a fan went ahead to post of picture of kissing Luke on the cheeks. She added on her post that the lead singer complimented her and also bought her a drink. There were rumor about Luke having a girlfriend, but it soon died down.

Brewery Coolroom is the favorite hangout spot of the band. Last year Luke displayed his pole dancing skills at the same place. The band members have always tried and connect with their fans and so far they have been doing a very good job when it comes to keeping fans happy.

With all members breaking the girlfriend rule, it is to see how long Luke Hemmings can hold on to his notion or will he go ahead and prove the world that a girlfriend does not necessary act as a distraction.