Luke Hemmings Angry With BoyBand Tag, In No Mood To Break The No Girlfriend Pack, And More News

Luke Hemmings displays an angry side of him on the media. Luke finds it a little disturbing when people call 5 Seconds of Summer a boy band. According to him, the tag of boy band doesn’t make them feel very real. In an interview to The Sydney Morning Herald Luke said that this tag points towards the fact that they don’t write our own songs and play them, which isn’t true.

This is not all the news when it comes to 5 Seconds of Summer. Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings had a pact amongst themselves that none of the band members will be out on a date until the launch of their new album. Reports suggest that the boys are soon going to be breaking this pact and the terms of the agreement will change.

According to Master Herald, it is only the lead singer Luke Hemmings who is following the rule of no girlfriend in the band. Looks like all the others have got their partners and have broken the ‘no girlfriend’ pact. Luke supposedly did not want to take any chances with a girl while the band was out on a tour. Looks like the young boy has a mature head on his shoulder.

Luke Hemmings has made things clear about his priorities. He wants to put his everything into 5 Seconds of Summer and does not want to divert his attention on auxiliary things as of now. There have been reports which show that Ashton Irwin is finding it a little difficult to manage his time, with a girlfriend. Speculations are there that the presence of a girlfriend in Hemmings’ life could threaten his career and he might lose his focus from the job at hand.

Luke is very popular with the females and finding a girlfriend for himself is no problem at all, but Luke has refrained from putting any time on that one thing. He certainly does not seem to be inspired by his band mates when it comes to having a girlfriend.