Luke Hemmings And Arzaylea Are Supposedly Fake Dating, Fans Claim Hemmings Has A Secret Girlfriend, Arzaylea Uploads Photo!

The drama surrounding Luke Hemmings and his personal life refuses to go down. First there were reports that Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea have broken up because she had cheated on him with another guy.

The recent rumor that’s circulating states that Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea aren’t really a couple. They are fake dating each other. In fact, Luke Hemmings has a girlfriend who lives in Texas.

The news first broke out when a fan claimed that she had spotted Arzaylea flirting with a guy at a bar. Supposedly the woman had asked Arzaylea why she was flirting with another guy when she already was with someone.

Arzaylea had reportedly said that she wasn’t really with Luke Hemmings. She was simply fake dating the front-man of 5 Seconds of Summer because of PR.

This news has been much welcomed by thousands of fans of Luke Hemmings and the Australian boy band since they do not like Arzaylea. They feel that Arzaylea always rubbed the fact that she was dating Luke Hemmings on their face and in spite of a public apology from her, they feel that Luke Hemmings can easily do better.

However, there are some fans who have accepted the fact that Luke Hemmings loves Arzaylea and have accepted her apology. They feel that the story of Arzaylea and Luke Hemmings fake dating is completely false. The fans claim that Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea’s recent photos are too cute and cuddly to be fake and a PR stunt.

The Los Angeles woman who claimed that Arzaylea had said that she was fake dating Luke Hemmings, also added that the man Arzaylea was flirting with was surprised to hear that she had a boyfriend. That was when Arzaylea stated that she was getting paid for pretending to be Luke Hemmings’ girlfriend

According to Fashion n Style, Luke Hemmings had himself confessed to the relationship with Arzaylea. Luke Hemmings had initially kept a quiet stance about his personal life and his relationship.

However, when the fans started attacking Arzaylea and ended up calling her a liar since Luke Hemmings never spoke about their relationship, Luke decided to step up and informed the fans that he was with Arzaylea in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Luke Hemmings has gone through a lot because of his relationship with Arzaylea. He has lost numerous fans since they didn’t like Arzaylea’s presence in his life. It doesn’t look like after all this trouble, the two of them are going to end up being just another publicity stunt. However, even if the rumors about Arzaylea being Luke Hemmings’ fake girlfriend aren’t true, there is no denying that they are having some relationship troubles.

Arzaylea has always been someone who is public about her relationship online. She has shared a lot of photos of the couple on the social media.

She received a lot of criticism when she shared some intimate photos of the two on her profile. Fans attacked her for rubbing her relationship status on their face, while some even criticized her for making Luke’s personal life so public.

Recently it seems Arzaylea had again posted some photo that was quite personal, which even got a remark from Luke Hemmings. Luke Hemmings supposedly expressed his shock on seeing the photo on the social media and soon after his comment, the photos was deleted from Arzaylea’s social media profile.