Arrow Season 4 to See Felicity Join Team Arrow, Mericle Teases Exciting Things in Season 5, Upcoming Season To Focus More On Flashbacks!

The spoilers for the upcoming episode of Arrow Season 4 has been revealed and it hints at Oliver Queen’s sister, Thea being kidnapped by Damien Darhk. Thea and her boyfriend head to a romantic vacation that soon turn into a nightmare with the intrusion of Damien Darhk. Fashion n Style reported that Episode 20 of Arrow Season 4 will see Damien Darhk intrude Thea and Alex’s vacation. He will kill Alex in front of Thea’s eyes and then abduct her.

Oliver Queen aka Arrow, will team up with his ex-girlfriend Felicity Smoak to find a magical solution to put an end to Damien Darhk. Felicity had walked out of his life after she found out that he had hidden facts about his son from her. However, with the two coming back together to become a part of Team Arrow there is a chance of a reconciliation.

It is likely that Oliver and Felicity will have a long talk and figure things out. They have a very good understanding and will be able to talk things out. Even if they don’t get back together, the very fact that they are working together is a sign that they might rekindle their romance.

Felicity Smoak, has a huge fan-following. The viewers had understood her decision to quit Team Arrow after her break up with Oliver, but they were disappointed about this since they loved seeing her in action. Felicity had become paralyzed, but she could walk with the help of technology right before her break up and this had been a sign that she is going to become a part of the team yet again.

Laurel, the Black Canary has been killed by Damien Darhk and in such a pressing time, Team Arrow needs Felicity more than ever. Executive producer, Marc Guggenheim informed TV Line that the upcoming episode of Arrow Season 4 will see Felicity revoke one of her decisions. She had broken up with Oliver and had left Team Arrow and the viewers will get to see her go back and revoke one of these.

Fans of Arrow Season are hoping that she revokes both these decisions since they really want to see Felicity and Oliver back together. However, co-executive producer, Wendy Mericle has said that fans shouldn’t hope for both these things coming to fruition. Mericle hinted that the next episodes are going to be similar to the Arrow Season 4 premiere, since it will see many of the characters end up where they had started from.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that with Felicity joining Team Arrow, things will work out with her and Oliver. Fans are going to hope for the best until they are proven otherwise in the upcoming episodes.

Apart from all this, Wendy Mericle had informed TV Line that the Arrow Season 5 is going to reveal flashback of Oliver’s time in Russia. Mericle was very careful not to reveal things that might give away the plot. She only informed the fans that they will figure out in the next season how Oliver learnt such fluent Russian and how he had managed to get the Bratva tattoo.