Love Triangle Between Riley, Lucas And Maya Addressed In Girl Meets World, Won’t Be The Focus Of The Series; Maya Feels Distant!

Maya finds herself moving away from the group more when the issue with the cash register crops up. Katie calls the kids up to inform them that a hundred dollars have been missing from the cash register. When Katie tells them about this, they look towards Maya, who denies any knowledge of it.

The viewers realize that Maya isn’t the culprit since Katie finds the money beneath the cash register, but Maya has had a nasty realization. She no longer wants to be friends with people who feel that she could have stolen from the cash register.

Maya has been feeling a little off lately, and the upcoming episode of Girl Meets World is going to be about her trying to find her real self. She has been feeling frustrated with her life and decides to vent her feelings by engaging in some vandalism.

She goes to the park with a hammer, brick, and some paint cans and ends up crossing paths with Renée and Carla. Maya had been friends with them before she had met Riley.

Maya hasn’t been feeling good about Riley lately, and she joins in Carla and Renée in trashing Riley. The three of them make fun of Riley when Carla and Renée end up calling Riley Dorothy. Maya suddenly stands up for her best friend and the three of them almost end up fighting. Carla and Renée soon start vandalizing a park statue and asks Maya to join in.

May tries to repair the damage done on the statue when she is caught by a cop. She is taken to Matthew’s apartment where the cop agrees to drop the case if she never hears from Maya ever again.

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