Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood: Teairra Mari Speaks Up, Nikki Takes Restraining Order against Mally, Miles Gets Cold Feet, And More Details

Nia and Nas also ended up fighting at a bar. Nia and Soulja Boy had been having some trouble in their relationship ever since Nas let it out that Nia was dating the rapper. When Nia confronted Nas, things got worse and it ultimately culminated in them fighting.

Soulja Boy had proposed the idea that Nas and Nia sit down and sort things out. Things went out of hand when Nas showed texts proving that Soulja Boy was cheating on Nia. Nia ended up calling Nas names and Nas hit Nia back. Security had to intervene to resolve the issue and Soulja Boy gave Nia a gold chain to make peace with her.

There’s much drama in Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood when it comes to Miles and Milan. Miles is still not ready to tell his girlfriend that he is gay and in a relationship with Milan. Amber, Miles’ girlfriend even told him over lunch that he wants to get back with him. Trailers show that Amber will find out about Miles being gay in the upcoming episode of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.

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