A look at upcoming Smartphones in 2017

The demand on smartphones are increasing so also is the technology. The truth is that smartphones are indeed getting “smart.” 2016 was an eventful year for the smartphone market. From exploding smartphones, to phones missing important ports to the disatisfaction of the consumers, there were a lot of flops. But that does not mean that there weren’t successes recorded. We saw wireless charging really takeoff, ability to unlock your phone with your iris, water resistant sleek designs and so on. These were bold moves and should give an insight into what is expected in 2017. So in this article, we will look at the major smartphone manufacturers and what they will likely be doing as regards the smartphone market.
Samsung was going to have a wonderful 2016 with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 until few weeks after the first shipment when reports started coming in of smartphones going up in flames. They subsequently lost billions of dollars in sales doing recalls. The company is said to be preparing to sell refurbished smartphones in 2017 to recoup some of the loss that they had to incur in 2016. In 2017, Samsung will most certainly work on fixing these issues with probably a Samsung Galaxy 8. Since they are always the first to release smartphones in the year, it is expected that they retain most of the features in the 7 series, but fix the exploding issues.

If new features will be added to Samsung’s smartphones to be released in early 2017, it will likely be in the display and body design. AppleApple equally thought that it was coming out in 2016 with what will probably be one of the best innovation in the smartphone market, but they did not expect the backlash that they got from their consumers.

Knowing Apple for who they are, they are probably going to stick with their innovative drives and push the bar further. It is rumoured that an iPhone 7s or iPhone 8 smartphone to be released in 2017, will feature wireless charging for the first time, have a glass body, and run on the new Apple A11 processor and will be optimally fast. Some other features that is being expected from the Apple flagship is iris scanning or facing recognition, with TouchID scanner which will probably be hidden behind the glass body. There is equally a rumour that a new phone from Apple will not feature the traditional physical Home button.NokiaYes, Nokia is coming back in 2017.

They will be debuting new set of smartphones running on Android OS. The announcement comes after signing a deal with HMD, a finnish company. Many are waiting for Nokia to get back to the good old days and cannot wait to see what they have in stock.