France picks Fillon to battle Le Pen

When he emerged at the top during the first-round poll, Fillon shocked a lot of people. He made an even bigger impact when he beat Alain Juppé his in-party rival. He was at the top with a 66.5% in votes in the election that took place on Sunday. Alain was far behind with only 33.5% of the votes. Fillon said that the voters have understood his strategy and that France is tired of the decline and that is why they need a man who is going to lead with action and truth. He added that is going to accept the challenge that France has put forth by not only telling the truth but also changing France’s software.

During his victory speech during the Sunday French president elections, Fillon was interrupted by the voters who started shouting, “Fillon for president.” Fillon said that he is going to be the presidential candidate for those who are proud to be French.Sunday marked Fillon’s political comeback. In the period between 2007 and 201 when he was the prime minister in France, he used to get overshadowed by Nicolas Sarkozy the president. He also fell back when he lost the battle for Les Républicains leadership back in the year 2012. It was hard to picture him redeeming himself. However, based on the events that took place during the Sunday election, Fillon appears to be a very promising candidate that people actually want.

Fillon’s victory did not come without a lot of hard work. Before these elections, he was doing a lot of campaigns. The Sunday elections happened after a month of vigorous campaigning which led presidential hopefuls to vie for the camp’s nominations. Opinion polls suggest that Fillon as a high chance of becoming the next president in France. This is because he has shown great numbers and he is currently leading in the polls. The other thing that seems to be giving him an advantage over other candidates is the fact that the people of France seem to like his plan for the country.

Juppeé upon seeing how the elections turned out on Sunday decided to bow out from the race. This was not expected especially since he has had his eyes on the presidential seat for a very long time. Jupeé said he was leaving the race for president of France and supported Fillon as he continues to try and convince the people of France why is their best option. This was very impressive. Normally, many people do not want to bow out of such races. It is however always a great idea to admit defeat and accept situations for what they are.

Despite the fact that Fillon has received a lot of support from the people of France which is clear from Sunday’s elections, there are still a good number of people who are not convinced by what he stands for. He might therefore need to do a lot of work in convincing some of the voters to get on his side or it might cost him the presidency. However, so far, he is doing an amazing job of winning the hearts of the people of France.