Longmire Season 5: Netflix Happy With The Series, Walter Browning And Dr. Monahan Suspected!

Longmire Season 5 has been announced and fans are super excited to see Netflix backing the series the way they are backing it. Netflix seems to have benefited from A&E’s decision and they are not shy from flaunting it.

Ted Sarandos, the Head of Content Acquisition in Netflix has said that he is very happy with the way Longmire has been doing and they are happy with the kind of audience the show caters to. Sarandos went ahead to state that Netflix doesn’t differentiate among its viewers on the basis of their demography.

This statement was a direct dig on A&E, which canceled Longmire after the third season. The show was dealing with a sheriff of a small town in Wyoming was doing very well, but A&E decided to cancel it nonetheless since it didn’t meet their standard when it came to the age of the audience.

A&E responded to the advertisers who had commercial airing during the show. Since Longmire catered to the older audience, the advertisers weren’t happy with it and they forced A&E to cancel the show and replace it with another that would bring in a lot of younger audience.

With A&E canceling the show, the creators of Longmire were desperately looking for another network to pick them up. Warner Horizon Television heard what the audience feedback was for the show and decided that they will renew the series for another season and finally Netflix came in and picked it up for the fourth season in the end of 2014.

Longmire is based on the Walt Longmire Mysteries by Craig Johnson. It has Robert Taylor play the lead character. The networks don’t reveal their TRP, but Netflix has gone on record to state that they are ecstatic about the popularity of the show and will be more than happy to renew it for another season.

According to Crossmap, Ted Sarandos informed at the Television Critics Association press winter tour that with Longmire, the network could bring in new audiences. The older audience, who watched Longmire on television, didn’t know that they could watch a series by streaming it and they have reluctantly shifted to it for the sake of their favorite series.

These people have subscribed to Netflix and will not let go of it even after Longmire is over and this is one of the biggest positives that the show has brought for Netflix. Longmire Season 4 had become one of the most popular series on Netflix and its rating was supposedly way better than what it was on cable television.

Netflix has been a savior for Longmire and Greer Shepherd, the executive producer of the Longmire has thanked the team at Netflix for believing in them and giving the chance to tell the story. Netflix on their part were extremely touched to see the dedication that showrunners had for the show and said that they have never seen a group so passionate about their work.

Longmire Season 5 was renewed and the announcement was made on the official Facebook page. However, there isn’t any information on when the show is going to be released and neither is there any news on what plot will be like.

Tony Tost, the writer who worked on Longmire Season 4 has informed that the new season is going to be darker than the previous seasons.

Longmire Season 4 had ended with a group breaking into Walt Longmire’s house while he is enjoying some time with his new love interest Dr. Monahan (Ally Walker). There is a lot of speculation about who could be attacking Walt’s home and viewers already have some names ready.

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