Longmire Season 5: Filming to Commence in March, Will Vic and Longmire Get Involved Romantically? Let’s See

Longmire Season 5 is going to be an interesting one and fans are going to be more excited to know that the creators have decided to exceed the timing for each episode by almost 20 minutes. This will make each episode almost an hour long.

The editors have for so long been cutting out major chunks of the story to accommodate the plot within the limited time frame, but they do not have to do this any further.

The added time of 20 minutes per episode will give the editors to keep every small little aspect of the plot and they can pan out the story over a longer time period instead of rushing into it. Plus, with more time at hand, the minor characters and plots will also get a chance to be explored in detail.

Longmire had been first started by A&E, however, the network wasn’t very happy with the series. Longmire had always enjoyed a large viewership, but A&E had an issue with the demography of the viewers that it attracted. The advertisers they had slated for that time were looking for younger audience.

A&E cancelled Longmire after the third season. The viewers of the fan were shocked, but then the show was picked up by Netflix who gave it a new lease of life. Netflix said that Longmire has given them new viewers who are going to continue with them even after the show comes to an end.

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