Longmire Season 5: Donna and Walt’s Relationship Under Focus, Longmire Day Conventions, Speculations!

There is hardly any information available on the internet about Longmire Season 5. The basic premise of the story can be assumed, but nothing more is known. This is, however, likely to change since Longmire Days convention is going to be held at Buffalo, Wyoming. This is the exact place where Craig Johnson’s novel takes place.

This is going to be the fifth convention and it is a celebration of how far the series has come. The convention is going to take place from 8th July to 10th July and it will be a celebration of the series and the novel on which the television show has been based.

There is no official information about whether the cast from the series is going to be present at the convention, but previously the Longmire Days convention has seen Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Adam Bartley and Cassidy Freeman participate in it.

This convention will throw light on what more fans can expect from Longmire Season 5. The fans must be super excited for the show to release since Netflix has already revealed their plans of making each episode 20 minutes longer.

This will make the episodes an hour long and give more scope to the story to develop. It will make sure that the minor characters and plots also get the scope to grow.

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