Longmire Season 5: Donna and Walt’s Relationship Under Focus, Longmire Day Conventions, Speculations!

The fifth season of Longmire will pick up from the exact place that the last season had ended. The finale showed Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) and Donna (Ally Walker) sharing a quite time home when an intruder breaks into the house. Longmire Season 4 had already created a major buzz with the hint that Donna might become the new love interest of Walt.

This is a deviation from the story that had been depicted in the original novel, on which th series has been based. Even though there are fans who don’t want Donna and Walt to develop something, but this is going to be the prime focus of Longmire Season 5.

The novel shows Walt and Vic Moretti (Katee Sackhoff) ending up together, but this isn’t likely in the Longmire series since it is one of those aspects that have been toyed around with to make the show more dramatic for the viewing audience.

There has been mixed comments about Vic and Walt’s chemistry. While some viewers feel that the character of Vic way younger than that of Walt, there are others who feel that the chemistry they share might be worth focusing on.

There is a group of viewers who feel that Vic is young enough to be Walt’s daughter and it isn’t going to be feasible of the showrunners decide to pair the two of them together. Instead, they should bring in another character who will play the role of Walt’s new love interest.

With Donna coming into the picture, that angle seems to be taken care of, but there are speculations that Donna might not be as clean as she looks. With Walker Browning (Callum Keith Rennie) after Walter, there might be a chance that Donna is with him.

It wouldn’t be possible for Walker Browning to know the actual location of Walt Longmire, unless Dr. Donna Mohahan provides that information to him at the hospital.

It looks like Donna will try to help out Walker Browning by keeping Walt’s attention diverted. Irrespective of these rumors, Christian Post has made it very clear that Donna and Walt’s relationship will be the focus of Longmire Season 5 and if at all Donna is with the bad guys, then the revelation will happen only in the season finale of Longmire Season 5.

With the season finale ending with a person breaking into Walt Longmire’s house, there is a lot of rumor about who could the concerned person be. There are some theories that the person intruding is Branch Connally who is going to be played by Bailey Chase.

Netflix has surely given a whole new lease of life to Longmire. From being scrapped by A&E, the show is now one of the most anticipated series on Netflix.

Longmire was enjoying quite a good run in A&E, but the network bosses weren’t happy with the series since it catered to a audience that they didn’t want to cater to. The network had hoped for a younger demography, but Longmire Season 1-3 catered to viewers who were elderly.

Ted Sarandos, the Head of Content Acquisition for Netflix stated that what didn’t work out for A&E worked like magic for them. Not only did Netflix get a hike in their subscription, but it also brought in newer audience who wouldn’t have subscribed to Netflix previously. Now they are confident that these viewers will continue on Netflix even after Longmire ends.