Lindsay Lohan Escapes Without Paying a $1300 Bill, Spotted Sporting a Skintight Mini-Dress and Leather Knee-High Boots!

In other news, Lindsay Lohan and her mom filed a lawsuit against Fox News Contributor who had accused her of doing drugs together back in 2014. Furthermore, Elton John was also quoted in legal documents following a remark that Lindsay should get rid of everyone around her, which includes her family probably because they were enabling her bad habits.

Reports indicate that John made this remark in an interview with TMZ. He further suggested that Lindsay should head over to someplace that is more like Bootcamp than a retreat. According to him, swimming pools and televisions were not the ideal ways of getting back to life after battling a drug addiction.

In the meantime, Lindsay and her brother has asked a judge to put an alleged former business associate in prison for falsely blaming the siblings of stealing his own idea for an online shopping application.

Reports indicate that the Lohans want Fima Potik to be heavily fined and also jailed for blaming them during a business dispute. The lawyer who represents Lindsay and her brother declared that Potik was never the creator of the app and further accused him of abusing the court system.

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