Lindsay Lohan Escapes Without Paying a $1300 Bill, Spotted Sporting a Skintight Mini-Dress and Leather Knee-High Boots!

It looks like Lindsay Lohan has returned to her old ways as the troubled actress recently walked out of a restaurant without paying a $1300 bill. The 29-year old Mean Girls star has a lot of disturbing history and this is another incident which adds to her history of various mishaps.

When vacationing in Greece last month, Lindsay Lohan went away without paying for an awesome seafood dinner that she was enjoying with her friends, as indicated by Contact Music. 10 of her guy friends were invited to the Sea Satin restaurant and then they proceeded to order the most expensive item in the menu: Crab legs and Lobster.

According to Radar and as revealed in the latest issue of Life & Style, Kim and her friends split without paying a single dime. When the $1300 bill was placed on the table, the entire group split up and left without taking a second look at it.

However, the restaurant staff was quite determined to track them down and one of her guy friends ultimately returned to the restaurant in order to pay up. Since the past few months, Lohan has been quite busy about finishing her 125 hours of community service. She received it after a crash in 2012 and her representative said that she is quite committed to fulfilling her punishment.

According to Yahoo, she is further writing an autobiography where she plans to reveal everything about the situations that occurred in the rough points of her life. Well, according to her, she plans on leaving nothing untouched we wonder if her latest mishaps like this will appear on Facebook.

A source further indicated that she wishes to talk about everything including what happened to her when she was growing up as a kid in the predatory regions of Hollywood along with her love life, the highs and lows and the various parties among others.

Enjoying her vacation on the Greek Island of Mykonos with a group of friends, Lindsay Lohan was always seen sporting a swimwear as she enjoyed her extended summer holiday. However, her fans were in for a surprise when Lindsay Lohan recently appeared in a striking outfit while eating out with her friends on Tuesday night in London’s Mayfair.

She exposed her slim figure in a striking skintight black minidress while the 29 year old actress headed out with Anthony Bozza, an American Journalist and writer, for the evening. She paired her skin-tight LBD with a pair of unusual leather knee-high boots in order to draw major attention to her striking slim legs. In order to complete her outfit in the every-changing weather of the British Capital, she put on a raincoat which featured a snazzy colored print.

Lindsay decided to keep her makeup neutral and simple with a natural palette and used a small retro-printed handbag in order to complete her low-key ensemble off. Although she managed to brave the London evening for a relaxed Evening meal, she appeared to be quite tired after her night out previous evening. While she wandered back to her apartment, she stifled a yawn while puffing unmindfully on a cigarette.

After her activities on Monday, it seemed like she was keeping her evening as a chilled-out affair. She added further styling with a pair of ivory heels and statement jeweled rings while carrying her belongings in a retro handbag.

She further sported flamed-haired locks tied into a chic updo with well-defined eyes and blush-tainted cheeks and her vibrant red lip. As a result, her entire look was a complete dramatic flourish. Her shredded pair of denim jeans and a plunging white blouse clearly revealed that this Mean Girls star is totally ready-to-bare.