Lindelof Talks About The Leftovers, Liv Tyler To Return For The Upcoming Season, Fans To Witness More Suffering!

Movie News Guide reported that Damon Lindelof has some reservation about the filming techniques that are used in the show. Craig Zobel, Mimi Leder and he never really discusses the filming process since his work ends with the story and now it is up to the director to realize how he wants to depict certain things.

Damon Lindelof revealed that he doesn’t like shots that remind him of the film-making process while sometimes he is amazed at how a thing worked when he didn’t think he would, in the final product.

The Leftovers Season 3 is going to be the finale. Lindelof had always been conscious of the end and knew that it was coming. He always imagined the story of The Leftovers to have three parts and has been very clear about the fact that the ending will be similar to the one that Tom Perrotta had worked on.

With The Leftovers Season 3 being the end of the series, fans can expect all their queries to be answered. The Leftovers has a system that it follows, where suffering is the answer to different things and the fans can look forward to more suffering before the show ends.

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