Lilly King Sets Olympics Record, Condemns Presence Of Efimova, Boxers Arrested For Sexual Assault, Athletes Protect Themselves Against Zika Virus

In other news from the Olympics, the Japanese gymnasts have become the world leaders when the men won the gold medal, beating Russia and China in the team event. Japan and China have always had a rivalry when it comes to sporting events and the same was on display during the gymnastic events. China had gone on to win the event in 2008 and 2012, but this time Japan’s Kohei Uchimura got the best time, ensuring his country the gold.

The Olympics this year seemed to be shrouded in a lot of controversies and issues. First, there was the Rio waterway issue; then came the Zika virus, and now the question regarding the safety of the athletes’ village has been raised following the arrest of the second Olympic boxer on charges of sexual assault.

Moroccan boxer Hassan Sada was arrested when he tried to grab and kiss the cleaning lady, and this caused him to miss his bout and also be suspended from the whole game. Now Namibia’s Jonas Junius has been taken into police custody on similar charges. Both the boxers are awaiting trial.

With over 166,000 suspected and confirmed cases of Zika virus in Brazil, the athletes are concerned about their health. While some have withdrawn from the Olympics, others are being handed out safety kits by their countries, which includes mosquito repellants and condoms.

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