LG V10: Smartphone Promises to be Much More Than the Conventional Touchscreen device, Tech Specs Revealed, And More Information

Wide angles are needed to click groupfies, and LG has managed to tackle that problem quite efficiently. The camera app is integrated with every social media platform, making life a lot easier for the shutterbugs who like to share their pictures with friends! LG has also thrown in quite a few easy-to-use image editing apps that perform quite well with the stock camera.

LG has also thrown in a few video editing apps, which sound good on paper but are likely to remain unused for a major part of the day. However, what we are currently unsure of is the price and availability aspect of the smartphone.

We know that the LG V10 is a premium smartphone, much like the G4, and will compete with the Apple iPhone 6s. However, we can only expect that the company will ask for a premium price for the smartphone.

We cannot confirm the details of this transaction since LG is yet to announce the final price of the device. Initial reports claim that the V10 will be unveiled in the United States sometime around November, although, additional details are currently unavailable. The LG V10 might finally be able to break free from the charade of touchscreen bar phones.

LG currently plans to launch the device with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, but will quickly upgrade to Marshmallow as soon as Google is ready with the production version of the OS. The technical specifications of the device coupled with the software processing prowess of the OS could very well make the V10 one of the sweetest smartphones in its class.

Enthusiasts need to be patient at the moment in order to understand the entire scope of the project. We will bring you every piece of information related to the V10.

Stay tuned for additional news, reports and updates from the world of technology. What are your views on the LG V10? Fill us in on the details via the Comments Section below.