The Sims 4 Spooky Stuff Pack Comes With All the Exciting Halloween Goodies While Rachel Franklin Talks About the Game, More Information

You should let Sims celebrate the Halloween season by putting on a great costume which you can find in the latest stuff pack added in The Sims 4. With the new Spooky Stuff pack, your Sims are finally given the chance to throw awesome spooky parties, carve scary pumpkins using the new Pumpkin Carving Station and at the same time, get terribly startled with the new Spooky Candy Bowl.

The Sims finally gain the ability to dress up as a fairy, ninja, gladiator, pirate and princess along with a few other interesting characters. There is a huge variety of available costumes and you can check out all of them in The Sims 4 official Twitter account where the availability of The Spooky Stuff pack was first announced.

Various available things include Spider web leggings, ripped jeans leggings along with individual costume items like boots and necklaces. Decorations and other building mode stuff are also included in the new Spooky Stuff Pack.

Other interesting items included in this pack are ghost displays, fake cauldrons, cob webs, creepy paintings and many more. Darkly colored floors, tattered furniture along with various other wall options are also available with this pack. Meanwhile, a bit of additional gameplay has also been added to the game through in the form of two new objects in The Spooky Stuff pack.

Ghost Sims have the ability to use these pumpkins in the form of candlelit hats while mischievous Sims can smash them in order to ruin the holiday for everyone. The new spooky party type item is the Spooky Candy Bowl which is absolutely the perfect entry in The Sims 4. The Sims that dares to put their hands inside it will end up considerably frightened.

Players who are quite eager to start the Halloween celebration a bit early can purchase The Spooky Stuff right now, for a price of $9.99. The players who own The Sims 4 will easily find it on Origin. You can also use an online game code in order to purchase this pack from other websites like Amazon, at a later date.

In the meantime, the trick and treat conversations were added through a game update for The Sims 4. Any Sim has the ability to trick or treat their friends using this latest update. Buffs can be further added to Sims using these interactions, based on which actions have been chosen by the involved Sims.

Every month, the developers of Sims 4 have been adding new content through various updates. Cool Kitchen Stuff pack was introduced last month, containing sleek new appliances along with few new looks for Sims and a brand new ice cream maker object as well.

Expect to see The Spooky Stuff pack released in late September along with a theme that has been suited for the entire month of October.

Meanwhile in the month of November, the ‘Get Together’ expansion is something that players have been awaiting for quite some time. Social circles called clubs can be created in the upcoming second expansion for The Sims 4 where Sims gets the ability to act more like their peers.