Lebron James Makes NBA history against the Hornets

LeBron James is at it again. James joins a league of his own while making history in the NBA. On Friday James passed Elvin Hayes for ninth on the all-time scoring list with 27,359 points. Hayes held the record with 27,313 points until Friday night. I read up on him,” James said of Hayes. “I know the history of the game. Obviously I haven’t gotten an opportunity to see him much. But I know how dominant he was in his era when he played the game. So anytime I’m mentioned with any of the greats, and he’s one of them, it’s very surreal and very humbling.” Elvin Hayes played basketball before LeBron James was even born. James knows that Hayes scored a lot of points but thats about all he knows about the Hall of Fame center/power forward. Next up on the list is eight place Moses Malone with 27,409.

The following day James made history again. On a beautiful bounce pass to Tristan Thompson in the first quarter against the New Orleans Hornets, LeBron James became the first forward to reach 7,000 assists. He currently sits in 16th place among all NBA players ever and has the chance to move up a few spots before the season is over. Tim Hardaway sits in 15th place with 7,095 assists while Terry Porter is just before him with 7,160.

LeBron James enters a league of his own with Saturdays milestone. The 7,000 assists puts James at 27,000 points, 7,000 rebounds, and 7,000 assists. He is the first and only player in NBA history to accomplish this feat. James scored 44 points against the Hornets in part of his historic night. He scored 27 points going into the forth quarter when he exploded for 17 points in the final one. At one point LeBron James made 13 straight points in a showing of talent and leadership.

LeBron James is known for his ability to get to the hoop as well as pull a jumper, but he has so much more talent than that. His historic milestone is an attribute to his hard work and dedication to his teammates. Sure, he finds ways to score himself, but he has an uncanny ability to find the right person at the right moment when his team needs it the most. King James has earned his nickname outright. He works to improve his game with every minute he practices. He deserves all the recognition he receives. James