Leading US Candidates Set A New Low Record, Donald Trump Is Going To Give Hillary Clinton A Run for her Money in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections

His plummeting reputation notwithstanding, Donald Trump still seems to hold a strong support base, with the gap between him and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton narrowing to 5.3 points from the 7.7 points in early August in an average poll of polls.

This may be partly due to the appointment of Kellyanne Conway as his new campaign manager last Wednesday, after Paul Manafort stepped down from the position which he had held for the last three months.

In fact, Conway’s appointment has been followed by a vague, though unprecedented, apology issued by Trump for his insensitive comments.

This fragile nature of stances reflects two things: firstly that people are paying whatever attention they can to Trump because they are done with the traditional, polished politicians who they feel have been inadequate.

And secondly that Trump’s ideas are so radical and so foggy that they are thinking of bringing in Hillary, who again is one of the best examples of the conventional politician which they so hate, just to keep Trump out and keep the nation sane before it is too late.

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