Latest Updates for Clash of Clans Include New Defense Buildings and Bowlers, Players Report Lots of Issues after the Latest Update!

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile strategy games and one of its latest updates was launched on 21st March. There are many new and interesting things and features that were introduced with this update and they are worth checking out! Players can look forward to many interesting features like interesting design additions and latest game tweaks/modifications.

The main objective of the developer team was to make the game better adjusted while rebalancing a lot of fine-tunes in the present update. For example, skeletons now have lower hit-point while Life Aura of Grand Warden has a slightly limited range. When she finally reaches the target, Valkyrie units now execute a fast attack.

These are among some of the best balance alterations so far. Other changes include matchmaking changes so that Town Hall 10 and Town Hall 11 players are not pitted against each other a lot. These are among some of the major gameplay modifications made so far. Keep in mind that this doesn’t change in the Champion League or higher levels.

The changes that the developer team was talking about previously were further introduced during this update. By planning revenge attacks, you can now get Star Bonus and League Bonus Awards. Moreover, players will not be able to participate in 45v45 or 35v35 teams. A new unit has been added to Town Hall 10.

It is a dark troop which comes by the name of Bowler. Furthermore, Level 5 Valkyrie, Level 7 Goblin and Level 6 Hog Rider have been added. Now, you can see what all of your builders are doing by simply clicking on the builder icon.

Earlier, players were having problems about finding out the quantity of loot present in the loot cart. This problem has been fixed and you can see how much you are picking up from the loot cart.

However, players have been suffering from a lot of issues, ever since the update. A lot of them include wrong updating times, matchmaking errors along with buggy traps.  If you face a bug issue or a certain glitch in your game, you can check out the list for reference.

A significant new feature of the update is the Bowler. It is a dark troop which throws bouncing rock balls at enemy buildings. The damage is dealt to the first target along with the second target on which the ball bounces to.

The same update came with new levels for Goblin, Valkyrie and Hogs, which is good. I feel a little sad because my maxed out TH9 base had the flame animation beside my max Level 5 Hog Rider. It’s gone!  New levels for defensive buildings have also been added, like Mortar and Inferno Tower.

Clan War Matchmaking has received a complete overhaul and from now on, players will be able to get matches with players of their own level. These updates which were released in the last couple of days introduced a fresh air to the game and this will make a lot of Clashers return to the game.

Moreover, some annoying bugs have been fixed and the players should be happy about it. The new Clash of Clans 8.212.9 APK has a size of 58.82MB and it is meant to be installed on devices with Android OS 4.0.3 or higher. The latest version of Clash of Clans can be downloaded from the internet and it can be later manually installed on your Android device.