Latest Rumors and Updates On PlayStation 5, Sony Hiring Game Programmer for The Upcoming Device? Let’s See

The VR compatibility will be a big thing for the PlayStation 5. Apparently, Sony is currently working on incorporating the Virtual Reality technology into the PlayStation 5. With the PlayStation VR coming up, it is likely that it will be integrated into the PlayStation 5.

The VR technology is fast becoming popular and Sony would like to test the viability of the technology before deciding to incorporate the same into the PlayStation 5.

In other news, it has come to light that Sony is on the lookout for a Senior Game Programmer. Apparently, the person who will be hired for the job will be working on the PlayStation 5. The ad that was posted by Sony states that the company is looking for a senior game programmer who will get the opportunity to work at Sony Computer Entertainment of America.

That person will be working on developing a game which will be used for R&D purposes for the next generation gaming system that will be released by Sony. The job responsibilities that were provided for the post includes-

Since it has been mentioned in the ad that the game will be for the next generation of gaming system, it can be assumed that Sony is hinting towards the PlayStation 5 itself.

The PlayStation 5 is likely to come with a price tag which will hover around the £400 mark.

Stay tuned for more update on PlayStation 5.