Attack on Titan Season 2 Release Date Remains Unconfirmed, Video Leaks Suggest a Major Spoiler!

The storyline of Attack on Titan remains a mystery due to which a lot of enthusiasts have been questioning the creators about it.

The latest rumors and speculations suggest that the release date has been delayed by another year. According to The Christian Times, Season 2 of Attack on Titan was supposed to return by this year.

However, the project failed to meet the necessary arc requirements in order to keep the story at bay. As a result, the series was further delayed. Season 2 is under production and you should know that more details will emerge soon.

People are wondering why a series, which gained so much success in season 1, would delay the release of its second season.

Further reports indicate that if Attack on Titan Season 2 is delayed, its image and legacy could be destroyed and fans will shift their attention to a different series which comes with timely sequels and consistent updates.

Therefore, it is completely justified that fans and enthusiasts are questioning the release of Attack on Titan Season 2.

The speculations have further increased the delay. Game & Guide reported that the developers are co-creators of Attack on Titan are busy developing and preparing for Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

A lot of fans are speculating that the new series will simply be an Attack on Titan replicated version and the character of Eren Jeager will be reflected in the protagonist’s life.

Considering the notions, it is possible that much legacy is held by Attack on Titan. There are a lot of strong points which the viewers are expecting to return. Due to the delay, a lot of people are questioning the creators’ ability to deliver their products on time.

Attack on Titan Season 2 needs to release soon, including proper placements in the storyline of the franchise. The season 1 finale of Attack on Titan was pretty nerve-racking and recently, the second season’s trailer video was leaked online.

It received 2 million and it keeps increasing. The whole video showcased an overwhelming presence of Hange. The last scene of the trailer revealed Eren Jaeger as well. When a preview of Attack on Titan Season 2 was posted on YouTube, fans noticed that Hange and his troops were witnessing a titan’s face emerging out of the wall.

Then, one of the soldiers asked for orders from the commander and Pastor Nick told instructed them to kill the titan without any doubts whatsoever. In one way or the other, they took care of the new brute. Hange asked the pastor to tell him the truth regarding a titan’s face sticking out of the wall.

The squad leader was told that he was a man with a busy schedule since he had to take care of his church followers. Hange didn’t take his statements seriously and asked him to spit out the truth.

The pastor was quiet but Hange could not do anything since a pastor cannot be killed even if he is a traitor. In terms of new characters, Season 2 will feature Kenny Ackerman, Rod Reiss, Uri Reiss, Beast Titan and Freida Reiss. Also, the second season will focus on the king and fans will probably get the opportunity to witness the Reiss Noble Family.

A spoiler suggests that Commander Erwin Smith will overthrow the fake king and prove that Reiss family is the real royal family. However, this is not really helpful since Reiss family also the ability to turn into Titans.

There are other squad members that can turn into titans, including Reiner Braun, Ymir, and Bertolt. Moreover, Bertolt and Reiner are the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan who ended up breaking the wall.

Ymir is a Titan who has been roaming around for more than 60 years and finally came back to her human form. However, this took place after she ate Braun, Bertolt and Annie’s friend Reiner.

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