Latest Features of Adobe Flash Player 17, Primary Focus on Browser-Based Gaming, And More

You can watch movies and enjoy high-definition games without being restricted to a small space in your browser. The latest iteration of Adobe Flash Player adds streamlined mouse control. When it comes to RPG and FPS games, it’s all about fast mouse control. Flash has incorporated new script tools and API that enable multiple units simultaneously. It allows you to have better mouse control in your gameplay. At the same time, both FPS and RPG games require fast clicks, in fact, the fastest possible!

With the new update, your browser will acknowledge both left and right clicks. If games need middle clicks, your browser will support them too. One of the best features of Adobe Flash Player 17 is the multicore support. The latest plug-in can use multiple cores found in your computer’s processor. Intel is currently focused on hexa-core processors while quad-core processors are the rage among smartphones. At the same time, seamless 1080p support is added to HD gaming.

Earlier, browser-based games used to be small in size and restricted to the navigation bar. Adobe Flash Player 17 breaks all of these barriers. All of your favorite titles can now be enjoyed in full-screen. Have you updated your Adobe Flash Player? Do you like the new features? Stay tuned for more updates on Adobe Flash Player!