Late October Patch Release Didn’t Complete PES 2016 Roster, Konami Announces Delays While Apologizing For Incomplete Rosters!

In terms of gameplay features, Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 by Konami is a football simulation video game that has gotten better of its direct competitor, FIFA 16 by EA Sports.

However, since its release in September, PES 2016 is running into some player roster problems. When Konami released a patch last month, it failed to include the summer football transfer of players and due to this, the PES 2016 roster is incomplete, as noted by Eurogamer.

Furthermore, the final days of summer football was not included in this patch and that is actually when a lot of player movements happened. An apology and explanation was issued by Konami through the PESFan website.

According to Konami, completing the game’s player roster is of utmost priority and Konami further assured fans and gamers about this. Konami further issued a statement, letting people know that the problem is quite frustrating for the fans as well as the teams making the game.

However, Konami also assured fans that they have learned from the mistake and right now, they are going through design changes to ensure improvements in the future.

Meanwhile, Konami declared that the player roster will be completed in a few more weeks through the release of another patch. It seems like the company wants to show EA Sports that PES 2016 has finally beaten FIFA. Meanwhile, Konami needs to release the update patch pretty soon.

Recently, a statement and infographic was released by EA, claiming that gamers have already played more than 300 million matches on FIFA 16. This took place around 16 days after its release for PS4 and Xbox One on 22nd September.

EA Sports doesn’t wish to say it directly, but the company is clearly implying that FIFA still has the edge when it comes to the number of players concerned.

Meanwhile, due to the incomplete patch made last month by Konami, gamers were informed that the planned release of the upcoming ‘Data Pack’ in November has been deferred until another patch release completes the player roster.

The Data Pack will be featuring a new Stadium. The teams are up-to-date in the online mode and it appears to be complete. Gamers noticed that the patch with the roster update issue simply affects the offline mode of PES 2016. The latest soccer rosters are still absent from the PES 2016 version. According to the Latin Post, it is already complete in the online version.

The two versions of the game require different update processes and as a result, they are pretty different from each other. Konami will further offer additional in-game bonus contents that will include new soccer cleats and new kits. This will be done in order to compensate for the mess made earlier.

A statement released by Konami was further discovered by PESFan and it said that the roster issue is a major priority, but it will take some weeks. The upcoming Data Pack was supposed to include Maracana for PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game but sadly, it’s been delayed.

In order to implement the required fix, the planned data pack was removed from the schedule and further delayed. After that, they will do whatever necessary to bring it out as soon as possible. Furthermore, as soon as they have the much needed information, they will update the fans on their official social channels.