Half Life 3 Delayed Due To Valve Focusing On Left 4 Dead 3, Fans Wish To Keep the Rumors Going!

Half Life 3 is a much awaited title that is enveloped in a lot of mystery and fans haven’t been able to understand when this game might be coming out. The mystery involving this title will probably be going on for a while. In recent times, fans came across a document that was found in the latest Dota 2 update.

In the text file, there were various references to things like ziplines, VR and further elements that will recognize as various parts of the Half Life universe. The text file that was discovered was named hl3.txt and this clearly means a name like ‘Half Life 3’.

From the looks of it, fans got pretty excited with this discovery and they assumed that this was a file, from the long awaited sequel to the much-celebrated Half Life 2. However, it looks like fans got pretty excited about nothing too interesting. Venture Capital Post reported that Gabe Newell, the Valve co-founder released a statement involving the latest speculations and rumors and declared that Half Life 3 was not in development.

Newell further indicated that he was pretty surprised by the amount of interest that has been generated involving Half Life 3. Furthermore, he declared that this game will not be coming out anytime soon.

Meanwhile, we are still not sure as to when Valve is planning to release the title but this probably has something to do with other titles being planned by the company. The Bitbag reported that Valve is presently quite focused on the development of Left 4 Dead 3 and this is probably the reason behind the delay in Half Life 3 release date.

According to various rumors, Left 4 Dead 3 is under development and it will release sometime in 2017. Therefore, it is no surprise that Valve is moving all of its focus towards it. If Half Life 3 doesn’t release, it will definitely hurt a lot of fans but at the same time, Left 4 Dead 3 should heal the fans to some extent.

Half Life 3 is probably the most discussed title ever, among gamers all over the world. The Half Life 2 fans have been waiting for a long time and if you’re one of them, you probably have some sort of a responsibility by now.

With Valve taking an astronomical amount of time to decide the fate of Half Life 3, the game has even entered the realm of memes. People are using Half Life 3 as a synonym for something that’s never going to happen. ‘Hey, you got a girlfriend yet?” “No man” “Damn, better not Half Life 3 yourself mate”.

This is something I just made up but the future looks quite non-existent for Half Life 3. Then again, Fallout 4 is about to release so you never know what’s gonna happen. Meanwhile, with the rumors suggesting that Valve is focusing their time and effort on the release of Left 4 Dead 3, a lot of fans are simply wondering why they would choose to do something like that.

The recent statements issued by Gabe Newell have managed to crush the dreams of a lot of Half Life fans. He clearly mentioned that Valve is not developing a third installment to the highly-popular Half Life franchise.