Kingdom Hearts 3 to Appear at E3 2015 this June, Director Reveals New Gameplay and Smartphone Tie-In!

During the last three months, gameplay information regarding Kingdom Hearts 3 has been quite non-existent. There has been a period of semi-regular reveals from developer Square Enix but it looks like the lack of Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to continue for quite some time now. Fans are not sure whether Kingdom Hearts 3 will be announced at E3 2015. Although it’s been months since Square Enix said anything about Kingdom Hearts 3, people finally have an idea as to when the Kingdom Hearts community will provide new details about KH3.

Verbally, this is the equivalent of a trailer for a trailer. Right now, that’s all we know about the whole Kingdom Hearts 3 situation. Gematsu spotted a new interview with Famitsu where Tetsuya Nomura, the game director said fans could expect more of the next Kingdom Hearts installment during Japan’s D23 Expo, scheduled to take place this year. Right now, we have no ideas on what to expect or when Square Enix will be announcing a release date. In the end, reports suggest that KH3 will be at D23 in one form or another.

2015’s show won’t begin until November, which pretty much destroys any chances of noticing Kingdom Hearts 3 on game store shelves before 2015 end. At the same time, it should give Square Enix enough time to get Kingdom Hearts 3 ready for the next public showing. For now, we can only hope that the studio will release a playable Kingdom Hearts 3 demo, which is similar to the recently released Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae.

Reports indicate a semi-official confirmation of Kingdom Hearts 3 becoming the latest triple-A video game to ship beside its smartphone application. Earlier, Nomura talked about a ‘smartphone specific development’, destined for the near future. At the same time, nothing further was released in this matter. From the looks of it, fans can expect major information prior to the big appearance of Kingdom Hearts 3 at D23.