Kingdom Hearts 3: Rumors Regarding Release Date Spilled, Secret Trailer on the Cards, And More

Kingdom Hearts 3 from the Square Enix stable is one of the most anticipated games of recent times. The hype and expectations among fans regarding the game is on a steady rise but the developers of the game, Square Enix is yet to announce an official release date for the game.

Recently certain rumors regarding the game have been doing rounds on the internet which stated that the game might be released soon which further increased the anticipation for it among fans. However, it should be noted that these rumors are not to be taken seriously as there is no official backing behind these rumors.

According to a renowned website, Square Enix was supposed to release a brand new teaser trailer of the game at the D23 Japan on the 3rd of November, but even after passing of more than a week from the announced release date, no such trailer has been released by the developers yet.

As could be expected this has caused a lot of disappointment among fans and the official Square Enix forum was flooded with queries from fans regarding the trailer. It was then stated by Dan Seto, a moderator at Square Enix that the whole thing was just a rumor after all and also went on to say that the company had not made any announcements about releasing a trailer for the game at D23 Japan.

It could be assumed that releasing a trailer for the game is something that Square Enix is not planning at the current moment.

After the hoax regarding the trailer, the company took to social media to express gratitude towards the ever supporting fans and also stated that they will definitely come forward with more news related to the game when they have something to share.

However, the lack of solid news about the game has not been able to dull the hype or anticipation that is revolving around the game. This was further fuelled by the developers when they teased fans with a screenshot from the game that showed three characters of the game- Sora, Goofy and DonaldĀ  in a new world in the game.

The screenshot showed that the three characters were riding some sort of a fantasy ride which when closely looked at showed reminiscence to the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride from Disneyland.

This has resulted in fans starting to speculate that the developers will incorporate characters and other aspects of Toy Story into their favorite Disney-themed game.

It was reported by Gamespot that that the Astro Blasters game that made its appearance in Toy Story will be integrated in Kingdom hearts 3 and it will serve the purpose of a mob-attracting device. It is however not clear as to whether the device could only be used for a particular quest or whether it will be available as a part of the actual gear of the party.

Another popular website claims that a trailer for the game was actually privately shown to a select few at the D23 Japan.

It was reported that the secret trailer unveiled certain techniques of combat to be used by Sora and other characters of the game. Rumors are doing rounds on the internet that the trailer showed thatSora will have the ability to apprehend 10 heartless and use them simultaneously. Goofy will reportedly be able to use his mouse shield in a new technique and doing so will allow three characters to ride it simultaneously.

A new foe in the form of a Nobody was also reportedly revealed in the private trailer. Not much was portrayed about this new character in the trailer but the game director, Tetsuya Nomura claimed that certain fans are already familiar with its identity.