HTC One M10 Will Release with Snapdragon 820 And 27MP Camera, Company Plans to Redeem Its Reputation and Flagship Brand, More Details

Reports indicate that HTC One M10 will be releasing soon. Rumors indicate that the upcoming flagship will be coming with several new and latest generation specifications and this will probably place the handset at the top, when compared to its rivals and competitors.

According to Tech Times, HTC One M10 will be releasing on March 2016 and it will follow the same release pattern of the previous flagship devices.

Chinese Mobile Website Mobile-Dad showcased some of the first images of HTC One M10. According to the images, it features slim bezels and metal cases provided with a shiny handset.

The rear portion of the device comes with a vertical line and this acts as a link between the frame and the camera module, retaining the same design of its predecessors. Under the hood, the HTC One M10 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and it is supposed to release soon.

Reports indicate that this handset will have 4GB of RAM and furthermore, it comes with 64GB to 128GB of memory. On a happier note, the device will be further expandable using a microSD card.

Further reports indicate that this device will have a 6inch display but additional rumors indicate a 5-inch screen as well.

Meanwhile, it is practical to expect that the HTC One M10 will have a 4k display with 1440×2560 pixels resolution. Compared to the display in the HTC One M9, this seems to be a smaller upgrade.

Furthermore, Tech Times reports that this device will sport a 27-megapixel camera and this will be a pretty major upgrade compared to its predecessor.

There will also be a USB-Type C port in the device, run on Android Marshmallow out-of-the-box and sport a 3500mAh battery. Meanwhile, in terms of pricing, the device should come with a price tag of $650-$800.

According to the Chinese website, MyDrivers, the HTC One M10 should be introduced with a new name, the HTC O2. However, the company is yet to announce whether this is a code name or it will end up being the official name for the upcoming device.

Meanwhile, HTC is hoping that this device brings them back into the smartphone competition. Even though HTC One M8 was well received, its successor, HTC One M9, faced a lot of disappointments. There will be more updates and details of the new device, releasing in the coming months.

There are loads of rumors which indicate that HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone maker will be launching the next flagship smartphone before the end of this year. From the looks of it, HTC will decide to stay within its own launching timeline.

The HTC One M10 rolled out in April this year but sadly, it did not live up to the expectations in terms of final consumer reception and expectations in terms of sales figures.

Compared to the predecessors, the HTC One M8 and M9 came with minimal upgrades and as a result, it experienced the same fate as that of the Samsung Galaxy S5 last year.

In that case, the S5 will come with minimal upgrades compared to that of its celebrated predecessor, the Galaxy S4.

The latest smartphones releasing today need to be really well-designed and packed with features since users have now become quite discerning and intelligent and they demand more from their devices.

If a smartphone doesn’t measure up to the latest standards, any kind of smartphone will wear itself out in the market even before completing its customary one-year cycle.

It was earlier announced that HTC would be launching another flagship device as soon as August, in order to compensate for the HTC One M9.