Kim Richards Set to Appear in RHOBH, Apologises to The Cast and Crew, Takes Care of Ailing Ex-Husband!

When Kim Richards had the whole world turning against her, there was one man who was there for her like rock pillar. Monty Brinson and Kim Richards might have ended their marriage, but the two have always been there for each other.

With Monty Brinson struggling with cancer, Kim Richards is going all out to take care of him. People Magazine reported that Monty Brinson’s lung cancer has spread to his brain, where he has now developed a tumor. Since the doctors are not going to be able to operate on it, they have decided to make him undergo radiation to try and shrink the tumor.

Kim Richards is there by his side all the time. It is reported that she even sleeps in the hospital so that she isn’t away from him even for a part of the day. Brandi Glanville said that Monty Brinson is the sweetest soul alive and he has always been there for the others and it looks like Kim Richards is giving him back for all the times when he has stood up for her.

There is mixed reviews on the news that Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville are going to be a part of some of the episodes of RHOBH. Some feel that the show would have fared without the two while others feel that bringing them back is going to bring in the old excitement into the show.

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