Kim Kardashian: Flaunts Her Babybump, Gushes about JLo, Supports Kourtney!

A promo of the second episode of I Am Cait shows her daughter Kim Kardashian talking about how beautiful she looks, but she asks her not to bad mouth the family. It looks like Cait had made some comment regarding Kris Jenner, which her daughters did not approve her.

The Kardashian clan has been standing like a rock behind Kourtney after she decided to give Scott Disick an ultimatum. Scott’s alcoholism had been a great nuisance and with his constant partying and wild ways, Kourtney Kardashian felt that he wasn’t being a responsible father or partner and told Scott Disick to change his ways and become responsible or to move out of her life.

By the looks of it, Scott Disick is making no change in his lifestyle that would make Kourtney Kardashian believe that he is trying. He is still partying and was reported spotted hosting an event in Canada, where he posed with scantily clad cowgirls.

Koutney Kardashian is talking to divorce lawyers and spending time away from Scott Disick, but she still isn’t sure about what she is going to do when it comes to her situation with Scott Disick. Kim Kardashian has always been a good sister and she is still standing by her like a rock.

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