Fallout 4: ‘Vault Dweller’s Guide’ Revealed with Reports Indicating that Players Will Be Able to Make out with Robots, And More Details

Recently, a new demo of Fallout 4 was shown at QuakeCon which allowed the spectators to discover more about this upcoming title and what kind of a sandbox has it shaped into. Some major changes have been made to the game’s standard leveling system and gamers will now notice in-game perks tied to the Special stats while switching from levels.

If you are looking for some good level perks, this means you’ll need specific high special stats. This is a big update from the system that was earlier used in Fallout 3. At the same time, in the upcoming title, factions will reportedly play a major role.

There were scenes involving ghouls and raiders and the player had the option to choose whether to get involved in it. A particular faction that was focused in the demo was Commonwealth Minutemen. In the recent E3 footage, it was seen that this group is struggling for survival. This particular group is led by Preston Garvey.

He will also accompany you in the Wastelands. The choices keep broadening as players will able to choose among a dozen companions. The latest features include your character being able to fraternize or romance with companions regardless of their gender.

From the looks of it, you could end up making out with your robot, which is both funny and awkward in several levels! Furthermore, things like lockpicking, magazines and computer jacking are all making a comeback.

Bethesda has also added various options for those players who like to head out alone. Perks will be specifically added for players undertaking solo missions. When it comes to perks, Fallout 4 will have 70 of it and each of them will have its own ranking system. There were also some reports on new locations at QuakeCon.

This necessarily means that fans will be able to explore areas around Concord, Lexington, and Quincy along with the new settlements that were built in the ruins of Fenwark Park in Diamond City. Fallout 4 will release on 10th November this year, on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Fallout 4 will be a big game with lots of things to do and lots of areas to explore. As a result, gamers will need a guide to help them travel through the wastelands while discovering new things on the way. Prima Games, a strategy guide maker has released its own officially licensed Fallout 4 guide book known as the ‘Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide’.

According to the description by Bethesda, this book includes detailed maps and walkthroughs which let you know about loot, locations, items and various strategies. You will know about the different kinds of creatures that you are bound to come across. At the same time, you’ll get specs are reference data for different types of perks, armors, items and weapons.

The guide includes Workshop references and Complete Crafting which further details the thousands of items that you can upgrade, build or collect. You can also unlock the enhanced eGuide in order to gain access to updated content.

Furthermore, everything is optimized for a second-screen experience. The regular version of Vault Dweller’s Guide is priced at 29.99/€33.99/£14.99 and a hardbound limited-edition version which comes with content not present in the standard, is priced at $39.99/€45.99/£19.99. Meanwhile, the eGuide will cost $10.

In QuakeCon, Bethesda didn’t reveal anything at all about the story but they showcased some awesome new environments for the spectators. The Lexington area of Massachusetts was displayed around the Corvega power plant. With that, the home of Boston Red Sox was also shown in the form of Diamond City, built in the ruins of Fenway Park.