Fallout 4: ‘Vault Dweller’s Guide’ Revealed with Reports Indicating that Players Will Be Able to Make out with Robots, And More Details

You will come across different NPC factions fighting each other. You can choose to ignore them or intervene at the same time. Some of the confirmed companions include Piper (female), Preston Garvey (The leader of the Commonwealth Minutemen Faction as mentioned earlier), Mr. Handy robot/Codsworth and Dogmeat (Dog).

Joel Burgess, the Lead Level Designer has a German Shepard ‘River’ and it provided the inspiration for Dogmeat. Furthermore, players will now have the ability to romance any of their 12 companions. This is of course, regardless of their gender or whether they are human.

In the meantime, the players can talk to two NPCs at the same time, keeping the dialogue-play seamless. Your robot, Mr. Handy has over 1000 recorded names that it can call you and some of them include priceless specimens like, Ms. Angela, Mr. Matthew, Mr. McFly, Ms. Katniss,  Mr. Boobies and Mr. F*ckface.

Also, looting occurs real-time and you won’t get to enjoy any pause in gameplay. At the same time, throwing grenades and using stimpacks are easier due to an easier access to your inventory. Fallout 4 has a reputation system that is similar to Skyrim. The game has a Karma-based reputation system and your actions will earn you in-game respect.

Stay tuned for more updates on Fallout 4!