Khloe Kardashian: On Her Way to Becoming THE Fashion Icon, Kylie Jenner Asks Her to Stop Stealing Her Look, And More!

Inquisitr has reported that Kylie Jenner has told Khloe Kardashian that she will never be able to have lips like her younger sister. Kylie believes that she has the perfect lips in the family and that no one in the family has a pair that’s sexier than her.

Kylie Jenner knows that she is very popular, but she is tired of having people imitating her and she has asked Khloe Kardashian to stop imitating her look and get something that is her original style and look.

Khloe Kardashian had recently shared a selfie with lips pouted and Kylie tried to steal the spotlight by sharing another photo of the sisters together. It isn’t the first time that the sisters have shared the same look. Kim and Kourtney have always done that, but it looks like the younger members of the family are not very keen about it.

Kylie Jenner even got  ash dirty blonde hair from celebrity hair extension expert Priscilla Valles and she captioned the photo saying that she is coming Khloe now since Khloe also has the same kind of hair, but from stylist Jen Atkins.

There was a photo of Khloe Kardashian having dyed her hair purple, on Instagram. The photo was uploaded by her brother Rob Kardashian, but it was soon deleted. However, The Mirror got the photo in their hands and shared it all over the social media.

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