Kharazi Insists Saudi Arabia to Pay Heed to the Islamic Republic of Iran

The former Ambassador of Iran to the United Nations, Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Kharazi, recently declared that the Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to have positive and beneficial ties with the government of the United States. This development came after Hassan Rouhani became the president of Iran.

Kharazi said that Iran is now willing to change its policies based on different issues and he also said that it is imperative for other countries to openly declare if they are willing to establish friendly and constructive ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran or not.

He also said that the US Government has extended a friendship hand towards Iran and this would pave way for better ties in the future. But at the same time, he also highlighted that the sanctions imposed by United States is affecting Iran severely and they need to act on it. In a new bill passed by the House of Representatives, they were of the idea that the sanctions imposed must be increased, as this would stop Iran from carrying out their nuclear programs.

The world thinks that Iran is developing nuclear warfare, but Tehran has continuously been rejecting the same. Sadegh Kharazi also advised the new President of Iran to have better ties with the other Muslim countries present in the Middle East. There is a need for change in the policies of Iran and other neighboring countries so that friendly ties can be established.

Yet, a few nations like Saudi Arabia are still unwilling to have better ties with Iran and have clearly stated their stand about diplomatic ties with Iran. The Saudi King is blamed for not maintaining political etiquettes. This is because, the former Iranian President had paid several visits to Saudi Arabia, but diplomats from Saudi Arabia have still not visited Iran.

Due to this, Kharazi holds Saudi Arabia responsible for the crisis prevailing in the region. The funding for paramilitary forces and militant groups are favored by Saudi Arabia and this has created havoc in the region. However, analysts pin their hope on Hassan Rouhani saying that he would change the foreign policies of Iran towards the better.