Costs of Health Care Increased in Iran

As per the reports released by the Government of Iran, the costs of health care have gone up to a great extent in the past few months. The reason for this can be attributed to the sanctions that are in force, as applied by the United States and European Union countries over the economy of Iran.

However, it must be noted that the sanctions are indirectly related to the increase in health costs. The local companies do not have the ability to afford medicines and facilities from other entities and also, the transactions related to banking have increased the difficulty.

As per Seyed Taghi Noorbakhsh, Chief of the Orthopedist Association of Iran, the healthcare and medical facilities costs have increased at least by three fold or,in some instances, have gone up by even hundred-folds. The brunt of increased cost has to be borne by the citizens of Iran as there is no other way out.

The Iran Dental Association also released new statistics indicating the rise in the healthcare and medical costs that have swept across Iran recently. Patients needing healthcare are affected to a greater extent as the imported medicines are not subsidized or aided by the Government of Iran, and the insurance companies present in Iran do not cover the costs incurred in dental care.

The price rise for medical care was also confirmed by Hossein Ali Shahrairi, the Chairman of the Maljis Health and Treatment Commission, who stated that there was a rise in the expenses incurred for medical care, and the price has jumped dramatically on a daily basis. This is attributed mainly to the reason that the Government of Iran has cut their share in the medical expenses and now, citizens end up paying nearly 70% of the total medical cost.

Hence, to take the situation under control and in the best interests of the citizens of Iran, concerned authorities in the medical sector have requested that the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran have a greater allocation of the budget towards healthcare so that the costs in healthcare would drop.