Kevin Spacey’s Latest Venture Left Him Entrapped Being Mr Fuzzypants, Reports Say Movie Nine Lives Is Nothing Out Of The Box

Released on July 31 2016 in Los Angeles, August 03 2016 in France and August 05 2016 in the United States, the movie has been acclaimed as a derivative of the 2006 movie “The Shaggy Dog” which the critics claim is “devoid of wit.”

Many popular movie review sites and even critics have criticized the plot line of the movie as monotonous and nothing out of the box. The same old successful parent is getting swayed away from family life and detracting from his priorities until taught a lesson. Nothing new, right?

If masochism is something you like and torture is something you can endure, then Nine Lives is a must watch for you. It seems like Kevin Spacey is signing movies without first reading the scripts.

Nine Lives is yet another adaptation of the family movies with the father losing track of his family due to his work, and although the theme may resemble the same old genre, a single watch can be risked.

Already watched the movie? Upset with Kevin Spacey’s misjudgment with the scripts? What are your thoughts regarding Mr Fuzzypants? Let us know your views and thoughts in the comment section below. Stay hooked for more updates and news.