How To Keep Your Hair Healthy

There are so many of the tricks and tips to keep your hair healthy but most of the methods are kind of expensive and take a lot of our time. However, there are some easy steps that you can follow which are simple but makes all the difference.

Here are some of the rules you should follow to keep your hair healthy.


Washing your hair

Your scalp produces natural oil which helps and protects your hair from external substances like dust, keeping your hair healthy. And also stops the hair from drying out.

So, when you use shampoo daily, it removes the natural oil from hair thus preventing the natural protection to your hair. It is therefore recommended by hair stylists and experts around the world to wash your hair with shampoo two to three times weekly, maximum.


Massage your scalp

While washing your hair, try massaging your scalp with your fingers. This will help with the blood circulation of scalp.


Avoid hot showers!

Taking extra-hot showers aren’t exactly healthy for your or hair- but I am not saying that you should shower with ice cold water either! Just wash your hair with lukewarm/cool water.

Hot shower causes your scalp and hair to dry out and removes natural shine while showering with cool water does the opposite. Also, helps keep the moisture in.


Brushing hair

  • While searching I found out that brushing hair stimulates the blood circulation and actually prevents hair loss! Brush your hair at least twice a day.
  • Always brush your hair from bottom to upwards gradually, this will untangle your hair much faster.
  • Use wide- tooth comb if your hair is really tangles and knot in the hair.
  • Don’t brush but comb your hair with wide-tooth comb while your hair is wet.


Hair oil

Oiling your hair makes your hair stronger, beautiful and shiny. Some hair oil helps prevent hair loss, conditions it and a lot more! People in India use hair oil a lot (especially coconut oil) which is why most of the women there have nice, long hair.

Click here to know the specific benefits of using different types of hair oil.

But before you buy or use any hair oil, make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients and only buy hair products from a trusted company.


Now that you know some of the simple methods to keep your hair healthy, I hope these helps you to keep your hair healthy.